From a Dad’s Perspective

Today, December 28, is what we call our daughter Nicole’s Heaven day. 19 years ago today, she went to Heaven.

My husband Larry wrote this today, from a dad’s perspective.

“19 Years Since Nicole Passed”

It’s popular to say passed now days, but I think of it differently. When she was here and our daughter – we taught her about God and Heaven and Eternal life – from our very limited view & knowledge.

But now that she’s passed on to the next/eternal life, she has passed us in view and knowledge.

Even as the parents/teachers we could never see more than a very cloudy image, but now she can see as clear as the brightest day! It’s weird for a kid to pass their parents, but now that she has passed on – she has become our sister – our older, more experienced sister.

I’m looking forward to seeing her again in the next/eternal life that she has gone to and experienced for these last 19 years.

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