I used to think that if I was a good enough person, I would be able to avoid the “Broken Places”.  I eventually realized what most already know, that is there is no avoiding the broken places in this life.

In December 1998, I became painfully aware of how deeply broken I could be.  On that day our daughter Nicole was in an accident and her earthly life ended. I believed then that I would never survive the pain that threatened to crush me.  A dear friend and a leader from church gave us a book mark that had Nicole’s name printed at the top, with the meaning of her name underneath.  “Victorious Heart”.  Yes, that described our beautiful girl; wild, free and living victoriously in every moment.   Those words sparked a small flicker of hope in my heart.  Was it possible that I could not only survive but, even possibly, live the rest of my days with a Victorious Heart like Nicole, despite the chains of grief that entangled every part of me?  God began to work in my heart then, and is still teaching me that I have a choice to live free in the broken places.

Joshua 1:9 says

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

My heart still grieves for my girl and every time I experience a new grief, it tends to dig deep and twist the knife in my already fragile heart.  However, God is taking me on this beautiful journey of freedom that gives me courage in the broken places.  As I looked around I saw others living in the broken places, just like me and I knew that this journey toward freedom wasn’t mine alone.

Won’t you join me?