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About Me



     In 1998 our oldest daughter Nicole was killed in a tragic off-roading accident. When Nicole went to Heaven, darkness invaded our world, and we wondered if our family would survive the crushing pain of grief.  As we grappled through our sorrow, we learned how to live in the "new normal" of life without Nicole.  It was in that journey that God gave me the passion for living Victoriously in grief and helping others to do the same.  

     We were high desert dwellers in Southern California for most of our lives.  I loved the stark beauty of the desert and felt at peace when I was able to be in its wide-open expanse.  However, a few years ago, we felt the tug on our hearts to leave the familiar and move to the far away land of Tennessee.  We settled in a log house, surrounded by woods in Mt. Juliet, TN.  

     It was hard to move away from all we had ever known.  It was hard to leave the home where our memories were made and the place that Nicole's earthly body now laid. But God never calls us without a plan.  The blessings of the move to Tennessee have been more than I could have asked or imagined. There is a different kind of beauty, a different kind of nature to wrap myself in, and a different kind of healing that continues in my soul.


     My name is Kim Peacock.  God has rescued me from myself more times than I can count, and I'm so thankful for His infinite grace and mercy in my life.

     My husband Larry and I have six amazingly, unique kids who have brought beautiful color to our lives.  Some of those kids are now gifting us with grandkids, who have us completely wrapped around their little fingers.

     "There are still hard days.  I long to see Nicole and hear her voice.  I think about her every day.  Even when it doesn't show on the outside, she is on my mind.  

     I am still a work in progress, and you are too.  I don't know what depths of grief your heart has experienced, whether it is the loss of a child in death, the loss of someone you never imagined living without, or if it is the loss of a dream.  But I will tell you that you will make it through this.  

    The scars, on your heart or on your body, are reminders.  They are reminders to others and to ourselves.  We are more than survivors.  We are conquerors in our battles.  We are Victorious."

                                                                                        Victorious Heart 

                                                                                            by Kim Peacock      

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