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Jill Taylor

Finding strength in the aftermath of the loss of a child


WHTN - Bridges

Monica Schmelter

Join Monica on this episode of Bridges as she talks with the author of "Victorious Heart" Kim Peacock about finding hope in the midst of grief.

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Faith Positive Radio

Dr. Joey Faucette

How to help co-workers and team members navigate grief in the work place. 

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Paul Granger


Sitting in Suffering Series.


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Laura Diehl

What do to when it feels like the rest of the world has gone on after we've lost a child?

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Michelle Heaton

Finding Beauty in the Pain - Life after the Death of my Daughter


Channel 5 Nashville


Author Kim Peacock shares about the loss of her daughter and how to manage grief in her new book "Victorious Heart: Finding Hope and Healing After a Devastating Loss".


Radiant Marriage Podcast

Adam & Jess Robichaud

Episode 9: Keeping your marriage strong through the trauma of losing a child. 

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Voices In My Head

Rick Lee James

Episode 340 - Author Kim Peacock provides insightful advice for those seeking to support and help those who grieve. 

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