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Victorious Heart in paper back and ebook

Victorious Heart  shares a story about the devastating loss of a child, while offering hope, healing, and victory in the midst of that loss.


Have you found yourself in a broken place, defined by the loss of a loved one? Grief is not something that can be fixed or cured, but rather is proof that someone is missing a part of themselves―a normal response to loss.

In Victorious Heart, Kim Peacock shares the story of the devastating loss of her oldest daughter, Nicole. She bares the deepest sorrow of her life, but also reveals how the Lord carried her through―and is still carrying her through―turning her pain into a beautiful story of hope and healing.

Victorious Heart reassures readers they are not alone, helps them manage some of the difficult “firsts” like birthdays and holidays and shows them how to protect their mind and avoid the “Blame Game.” Grieving family members learn that it’s okay to laugh again, in time, and that they too can have a Victorious Heart of hope in the midst of their biggest sorrow.

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Anonymous Amazon Review

This is a book that is filled with raw truth. Kim's story of the loss of her precious daughter Nicole, is not sugar coated. Loss is devastating, no matter who the loved one is. Kim boldly shares the reality of the pain that came with their families loss. No family member or close friend was unaffected by Nicole's death. Their story was heartbreaking, yet through the ashes of sorrow and loss, they found hope through their Creator. In a very honest way, Kim describes her and her families journey to recovery. I have already recommend this book to many people walking through their own grief or beside someone else walking through it. As soon as the book is released, I will order several copies to hand out to others.


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